Quality Assurance
Quality has always been a central issue for CYL

We strive to meet our customer’s expectations by offering highest-quality products and services throughout the implementation of continuous improvements in our processes, and by achieving manufacturing and quality excellence in all our operations.

We work with experienced workshops that since the beginning contribute in terms of exclusivity to the manufacturing of CYL valve components. By regular information exchange and setting up partner relationship with our suppliers, we achieve highest quality materials, speed in service, cost effectiveness and simultaneously, enable us to have full control throughout the manufacturing process, from order entry to valve testing.

Besides visual, functional and dimensional inspections rigidly conducted on every single component received from our suppliers, all mounted valves at the assembly line are inspected and pressure tested prior to dispatch, according to tightness test EN 12266-1. We are able to test valves up to DN1800 16bar in our test benches.

Our valves run since decades: QUALITY is still visible after many years of good performance...


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