About Us
Know-how of an experienced team creating smart solutions

Founded in 1990, CYL KNIFE VALVES is today a well known company with 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing and selling knife gate valves. Thanks to a global network of agents and distributors, CYL products are present in over 50 countries.

Turning our customer’s most individualized technical solutions and solving demands for valve applications is our main challenge, being our products and service quality not only a condition but our highest goal. Driven by our passion to fulfill our customers’ expectations, our technical and sales department works and cooperates closely with our customers, providing a complete package that covers a project management, engineering, service and logistic; always assuring the highest quality, short lead time and reliable service.

Due to our commitment to continuously improving on technology and competence development combined with a highly enthusiastic, qualified and experienced team, enable us to come up with the widest range of innovative solutions tailored to customer’s specific valve and application requirements.

If you have an idea, whether it will be the tiniest or the greatest, and you might like to share it with us, we will be most willing to develop it together. This could be a great opportunity to join us on our journey....


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